Honorary Members

Article II, 4 of the By-laws of The Society of Flavor Chemists states:

“Honorary Members

Any person outside the Society who is in sympathy with its objectives and who has rendered distinctive service to it or to the flavor industry may be elected upon nomination by the Board of Directors and the unanimous vote of the voting members present.”

  • Brian Lawrence, PhD

    Dr. Lawrence is one of the world’s experts on all facets of Essential Oils including the agricultural aspects of all aromatic plants, their processing into isolates, their composition, uses and biological activity.

    He received his Bachelor degree in Organic Chemistry from South West Essex Technical College in the UK and his PhD in Pharmacognosy from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands.

    Dr. Lawrence held various commercial positions in the UK and US dealing with various technical aspects of flavors and served 19 years as a Senior Principal Scientist at RJ Reynolds where he became an authority in understanding flavor creation in tobacco products.

    He has published more that 80 original articles, more that 250 reviews, 12 books and 18 book chapters. He has lectured at over 50 international professional organizations.

  • Charles H. Manley PhD

    Chuck, as Dr. Manley is known by in the trade, received his Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D degrees from the University of Massachusetts.

    As a Food Scientist he joined Nestle, Givaudan and Unilever at various technical, research and commercial positions with ever increasing responsibilities.  In 1988 he joined Takasago International Corp. as Vice President, Science and Technology, from which position he retired in 2007.

    Next to his corporate responsibilities, Dr Manley has had a number of positions of significant importance to the flavor industry, including being president of FEMA and president of the IFT.  He has authored and co-authored over 150 publications and patents and has lectured in the field of flavors and foods at numerous universities and professional organizations all over the world.

    Chuck Manley is the recipient of numerous honors and awards and he was elected to become an Honorary Member of the Society of Flavor Chemists in 2006.

  • Gary Beauchamp, PhD

    Dr. Beauchamp received his PhD in 1971 from the Pritzler School of medicine of the University of Chicago and is considered one of the leading experts on chemosensory science, and has authored or co-authored over 300 publications all of which deal with flavor.

    He is Adjunct Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and maintains and active research program at The Monell Chemical Senses Center exploring various topics related to taste and smell.

    He was the Director of The Monell Chemical Senses Center until 2015. During his tenure as Director Gary Beauchamp gave the Society of Flavor Chemist the opportunity to have its Library at Monell and to have joint meetings between our organizations.

    He was elected an Honorary member of the Society in 2015.

  • Gary Reineccius PhD

    Dr. Reineccius is a Professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota.  He received his BS and MS from the University of Minnesota and his PhD from Pennsylvania State University.

    He may be best known in our industry for his work on flavor encapsulation, defining practical formulations, processes and conditions.  Another major accomplishment is the characterization of flavors in dairy products, primarily cheese and butter.  His current research interests include the development of innovative means to better chemically characterize the flavor of foods.

    He has authored and co-authored over 230 books and publications, and he is the recipient of a long list of Honors and Awards, including an Honorary Membership of the Society of Flavor Chemists.

  • Joe Zazzi

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  • John Leffingwell PhD

    John C. Leffingwell, PhD received his PhD in 1963 from Emory University and after a year of Postdoctoral studies at Columbia University he joined R J Reynolds where he became Head Flavor R&D in 1969

    After three years as Vice President R&D at Aromatics International, he became Senior Vice President of Sunkist Soft Drinks and subsequently Vice President Worldwide Technical Operation of Del Monte / RJR when this group bought Sunkist Soft Drinks.

    He has been President of Leffingwell & Associates since 1985; a firm that provides flavor and fragrance R&D services and computer software such as Flavor Base and leading computer databases on essential oils and perfumery materials.

    He has been responsible for the development of over 75 consumer products, has authored and coauthored over 100 patents, book chapters and publications, and is the recipient of a number of awards. He became an Honorary member of The Society of Flavor Chemists in 2003

  • Jim Marchioni

    Jim Marchioni graduated from Fairleigh Dickenson University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing.

    He joined the Givaudan Fragrance division in Clifton NJ at the bottom of the corporate ladder. He worked in the sample room, in accounting and in inventory. Along the way he systematically taught himself to identify the organoleptic properties, countries of origin and analytical specifications of flavor and fragrance raw materials and developed a unique method for demonstrating the efficacy of natural and synthetic products in both flavor and fragrance applications.

    After nearly 20 years with Givaudan he joined Robertet as Account Executive. After a few years Jim was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of the Natural Ingredients Division of Robertet.  In 1999 he retired after more that 25 years with Robertet.

    Over the years Jim became the expert in Flavor raw materials.   He led training lessons to develop Data Sheets and tasting sessions. These sessions became of legendary importance. For instance he would take 3 to 5 natural botanicals or natural chemicals, and would taste a commercial product with and without his composition.

    Jim Marchioni has taught and influenced several generations of flavor chemists with his knowledge and demonstrations.  He became a major asset to our industry and our Society and was elected an Honorary Member of the Society in 2012

  • James H. McGlumphy, PhD

    Jim McGumphy came to the flavor industry when Mr. A.L. van Ameringen  hired him to head the R & D Department of Van Ameringen – Haebler.  Previously Dr. McGlumphy was Professor of Chemistry at Iowa State University.

    Although his initial knowledge of flavors was limited, his technical expertise and good salesmanship earned him the continued confidence from “Van” – Mr. van Ameringen.  In 1958 Van Ameringen – Haebler merged with Polak & Schwarz to form IFF and McGlumphy became the head of the laboratories.

    Although he initially opposed the concept that flavorists meet and form a professional Society, he eventually changed his mind and was delighted to receive an Honorary membership in the Society of Flavor Chemists.  He deceased in 1997.

  • John M. Wenneis, PhD


    Jack Wenneis may have been the first Honorary Member of The Society of Flavor Chemists.

    He worked originally for Monsanto Chemical Co, and subsequently had his own company which was bought by Herman Kohl of Norda, where he worked for the rest of his career.

    Monsanto was one of the first US Chemical companies to experiment with the manufacture of aroma chemicals, in the early 1900’s. They made the first Vanillin in the US – from clove oil, and also produced Salicylic acid, Methyl Salicylate, Coumarin and other aromatics.  Dr. Wenneis was one of the first in the US to synthesize Diacetyl, and he one of the first to commercialize Hydroxy Citronellol.

    Al Saldarini, an SFC Emeritus member, recognizes Jack Wenneis as his mentor and states that Jack was one of the most astute and ethical chemists in the country.

  • Terry Acree, PhD


    Dr. Acree received his PhD in 1968 from Cornell University where he is now a Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Food Science & Technology.  His area of expertise is in the Analytical Chemistry of Flavor, Flavor formulation, and Olfaction and Taste.

    Dr. Acree spend a year at the Centro Nacional de Estudos de Viti-vinicolas in Dois Portos, Portugal, working on wine flavor analysis. He studied pesticide chemistry at the University of Philippines Losbanos and most recently he was at the College of Agriculture of Kyoto University, in Kyoto, Japan, studying kairomones and pheromones from fruit and plant pests.

    He is the author of numerous articles and publications, has received numerous honors and awards, and was elected as an Honorary Member of the Society of Flavor Chemists in 2010.

  • Richard L. Hall, PhD

    Dr. Dick Hall has provided a lifetime of exceptional support and commitment to the flavor industry and his 50 years of dedicated service has left an indelible mark on the flavor industry.

    He graduated from Harvard University.  After WW II where he was a navigator on a bomber, he joined Mc Cormick & Company in 1950. During the 60’s  and 70’s McCormick increased its new product activity and became a major supplier to the food industry.  He stayed with Mc Cormick until his retirement.

    In the mid-50’s Congress held hearings on the subject of food additives, which prompted FEMA to form its Food Additive Committee of which Dick Hall became the chair in 1957. At that time he got to know Dr. Ben Oser, and together they developed the FEMA GRAS concept.

    Dick Hall served both as President of FEMA and President of the IFT.  He has authored and co-authored over one hundred scientific and professional publications and books and has been honored with numerous awards.

  • Edmund H. Hamann, PhD

    Dr. Hamann received his PhD in chemistry from Columbia University.

    He worked for Fritzsche Brothers where he was in charge of R & D.

    He did try to get authors of analytical papers to include whatever sensory data could have been perceived by the author concerning naturally occurring chemicals indentified in food raw materials.

    He not only had his young chemists prepare samples of otherwise unavailable naturally occurring chemicals and their homologues, he encouraged the inclusion of unusual essential oils, extracts and oleo resins in flavor formulations

    He passed in February 1977 at the age of 76.

  • Walter Jennings, PhD

    Walter Jennings is Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Davis.  From the mid 50’s through the mid 60’s his flavor research concerned the isolation and identification of a number of “flavor impact compounds” and “contributory flavor compounds” from numerous fruits, spices, essential oils, beer and meats.

    All this necessitated a lot of research methods, sample preparation, improvements in GC injectors and detectors and in methods of column manufacture.

    In 1974 he was the cofounder of J & W Scientific which became the world’s largest supplier of fused silica columns. The company was purchased in 1986 by Fisons, but in 1996 a management group led by professor Jennings repurchased the company. In 2000 company was sold to Agilent Technologies

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