Terry Acree, PhD

Dr. Acree received his PhD in 1968 from Cornell University where he is now a Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Food Science & Technology.  His area of expertise is in the Analytical Chemistry of Flavor, Flavor formulation, and Olfaction and Taste.

Dr. Acree spend a year at the Centro Nacional de Estudos de Viti-vinicolas in Dois Portos, Portugal, working on wine flavor analysis. He studied pesticide chemistry at the University of Philippines Losbanos and most recently he was at the College of Agriculture of Kyoto University, in Kyoto, Japan, studying kairomones and pheromones from fruit and plant pests.

He is the author of numerous articles and publications, has received numerous honors and awards, and was elected as an Honorary Member of The Society of Flavor Chemists in 2010.

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