Friends of the Society

For over half a century The Society of Flavor Chemists (SFC) has partnered with the companies of our employ to connect people’s senses with experiences that inspire memorable moments.

Ways in which awareness is raised include providing access to publications exclusively devoted to flavor creation at our library in Philadelphia curated with the Science History Institute (SHI), facilitating scholarship awards to students engaged in taste discoveries and hosting valuable educational and networking opportunities.

Devoted flavorists are found at the heart of flavor creation. Throughout 2023 the SFC will be offering opportunities to enhance activities selected to increase support and share our love for flavorists and the tastes they create.

The brilliance of anyone, flavorists included, shines the brightest when our facets are developed with context collaboration and care.

Becoming a Friend of the Society through providing annual support of $1,000 is just the start of supporting our thoughtful endeavors.