TO:            SFC MEMBERSHIP 

SUBJECT:   May 7, 2020 Meeting Update    

Dear Members,

As the situation regarding the COVID-19/Coronavirus continues to be a growing serious issue, the Board of Directors has decided to postpone the May 7, 2020 meeting in Newark, NJ to a later date when it is safe for us to hold a gathering.  This is an important one for us as we do election of officers and membership awards at this meeting.  This is an extraordinary circumstance, one that supersedes the bylaws.  Amid all the lockdowns and uncertainties, we have decided to suspend all official activities that require in-person interaction until our country is back to normal.  We will give notification at that time.

We are exploring ways to safely conduct the testing of applicants already scheduled during this time.  Feasibility is still uncertain.  We will be communicating with them directly.

Please heed all precautions and be safe.

Elsa Howerth 


SFC President 2019-2020

***April 2, 2020 in Cincinnati, OH is cancelled!***


May 7, 2020 in Newark, NJ (CSA Roundtable) POSTPONED.

You must register separately for the CSA Roundtable. Click HERE to register online via the CSA web site


Sept 24, 2020 in New Jersey Location TBD


Oct 29, 2020 in Chicago, Location TBD

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