James H. McGlumphy, PhD

Jim McGumphy came to the flavor industry when Mr. A.L. van Ameringen  hired him to head the R & D Department of Van Ameringen – Haebler.  Previously Dr. McGlumphy was Professor of Chemistry at Iowa State University where in 1930 he obtained his PhD in Chemistry.

Although his initial knowledge of flavors was limited, his technical expertise and good salesmanship earned him the continued confidence from “Van” – Mr. van Ameringen.  In 1958 Van Ameringen – Haebler merged with Polak & Schwarz to form IFF and McGlumphy became the head of the laboratories.

Although he initially opposed the concept that flavorists meet and form a professional Society, he eventually changed his mind and was delighted to receive an Honorary membership in The Society of Flavor Chemists.  He passed away in 1992.

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