Awards and Scholarships



The Jogue Inc. Scholarship Award

The Society of Flavor Chemists offers a $2000 scholarship award to a student in a graduate degree program in one of the allied disciplines of the flavor industry.   Eligibility Requirements You are eligible to apply for this award if you are currently enrolled or accepted into a graduate degree program specifically related to the flavor industry, including but not limited to: flavor business, chemistry, biology, engineering, marketing, nutrition, food, science, or microbiology.

Application Deadline: Deadline for submission is March 1. Award recipient will be notified by May 1, and the award will be presented at our Annual Meeting in May.

Application Form: Click here to download the Jogue Inc. Scholarship Award Application form.


2014 – Bethany Hausch

2012 – Ian Ronningen

2011 – Erin Burnside

2010 – Elah Steltzer


Golden Blotter Award Recipients



2014Carole Pollock

2010Dennis Kucharczyk

2009 – Alfred Goosens

2006 – Frank Fischetti

2005  – James J. Broderick

2004 – Jerry DiGenova

2003 – Earl J. Merwin; Albert V. Saldarini; Jan Stofberg



IFT Fellowship Award Recipients




The Society of Flavor Chemists Memorial scholarship is intended for students

conducting research either in flavor chemistry 

or in a food technology area involving some aspect of flavor chemistry.

The 2014 IFT Scholarship winner is Ershad Sheibani. 

Ershad sent us a thank-you note, below:

Dear SFC and IFT feeding tomorrow donors,   


I would like to thank you for awarding me this prestigious scholarship. This award will motivate me to even more than before pursue my passion in studying flavors in foods. This award also will be a great financial help to me to pay some of my debt and because of that I really appreciate whoever were responsible for this donation. I hope one day I can join the society of flavor chemists and somehow give back to the society and IFT feeding tomorrow as well.    



Ershad Sheibani




2014 – Ershad Sheibani

2012 – Cordelia Running

2011 – Jarrad Legako

2009-2010 – Andrea Krause

2008-2009 – Denise Gardner 

2007-2008 – Hyun Kim

2006-2007 – (award not given)
2005-2006 – Jennie James
2004-2005 – Adriana V Schirack
2003-2004 – Katherine M Kittel
2002-2003 – Dana M Dronen
2001-2002 – Jeffrey M Boff
2000-2001 – Devin G Peterson
1999-2000 – Fiona M Hutchinson
1998-1999 – Devin G Peterson
1997-1998 – Cathy K Kobayashi
1996-1997 – Anantha Kollengode
1995-1996 – Jennifer L Roy
1994-1995 – Scott A Rankin
1993-1994 – Darrell L Taylor
1992-1993 – Steven J Harper