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Stephanie Almquist

The 2024 William F. Jaggard Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Stephanie Almquist from The Ohio State University.  Stephanie is a 3rd year PhD student in Food Science with an expected graduation date in 2026.  Prior to her graduate studies at OSU, Stephanie completed her undergraduate education with Chemistry and Spanish degrees from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.  She also attended the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom for one year of study as a visiting chemistry student.

Currently, Stephanie specializes in flavor chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Devin Peterson within the Flavor Research and Education Center.  Her doctoral research investigates binding interactions between flavor compounds and commercial pea protein isolate.  Her research aims to improve the efficacy of flavor formulations when applied to protein-containing food products, as well as to improve flavor acceptability of plant protein products for consumers, allowing an increasing replacement of meat for plant-based alternative protein.  Stephanie also embraces the global objectives of the plant-based alternative protein sector in her leadership position for Plant Futures Initiative, which seeks to facilitate the critical transformation to a plant-centric food system using the pillars of climate justice, public health, social justice, and animal welfare.

Throughout her studies, Stephanie has developed a strong passion for the flavor and food industry that have inspired her to pursue a career as a flavorist and global flavor specialist after her graduate studies.  Stephanie strives to continue learning about the diverse meaning of flavor throughout the world by attending flavor industry events and meetings, listening to flavor industry podcasts, and experimenting in the kitchen with novel flavor combinations and techniques.  Her most recent culinary feat: cold-curing trout with salt and juniper berries.  Ultimately, Stephanie’s mission is to understand the general human experience from our global connections to others through our unique relationships with flavor and food.