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Arda Tuhanioglu

Arda Tuhanioglu is a current PhD student at the University of Arkansas and has a background in both engineering and food science.  Arda’s application highlighted a very successful education and research background with many publications, awards and grants.  His letter of recommendation highlighted both his impressive resume, but also his dedication to inspire students towards STEM and food science.  In his current research, Arda has developed a novel, food-grade approach of using supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) to prepare sorghum flour as a more palatable ingredient to be utilized more successfully in the food industry without damaging the physical characteristics of the sorghum flour.  Further research will be conducted to test sensory attributes of the purified flour in a sorghum cookie.  Arda’s career goals include integrating green and sustainable technologies into the food industry and bridging the gap between contemporary advances in food science and the food industry.