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Clare Jiang

The 2022 William F. Jaggard Memorial Scholarship is awarded to Clare Jiang from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  Clare has shown a clear interest in analytical and flavor chemistry. Clare is in the final year of a Master’s degree with research focused on analyzing “the chemistry of previously overlooked and unknown compounds to determine their chemical structures, aroma characteristics and other chemical properties.” Clare has focused the research on a ‘smoky, campfire’ odorant found in whisky, the identification of which will be shared in mid-April 2022. Clare has begun her entry into the flavor & food industry with internships at NewlyWed Foods, Synergy Flavors and US Foods. Clare developed a strong passion for the industry during her various internships and was inspired to pursue a Master’s degree in Food Science with a focus on flavor chemistry. Clare’s ultimate career goal is to become a Flavorist or Product Developer.