Gabriela Elisa Rodriguez Suazo

Gabriela is a 3rd year PhD student in Nutrition and Food Science.  Prior to academic studies at Louisiana State University, Gabriela received a BS degree in Food Science and Technology at Zamorano University in Honduras and a Master’s in Food Safety from the  University of Chile.  Gabriela was then hired as an instructor in the Food Science lab at Zamorano before relocating to LSU where she now collaborates for the Flavor and Color course and volunteers at the LSU Agcenter Food Innovation Institute where she assists entrepreneurs with technical assistance in the development of new products.  Through the PhD and under the supervision of Dr. Zhimin Xu, Gabriela has developed a stronger love for flavors and aroma molecules and has focused research on identifying, quantifying, and extracting terpenes from natural sources specifically sweet potatoes.  Gabriela’s career goal is to become a Senior Flavorist.