Brianne Linne

Brianne grew up in New Jersey and received her BS in neuroscience from the University of Rochester in 2014. She completed her MS in sensory food science at Ohio State under Dr. Christopher Simons, during which she researched roughness and astringency perceptions in the oral cavity. She then completed a year-long graduate internship in R&D at Coca-Cola before returning to Ohio State to pursue a PhD at the intersection of flavor chemistry and sensory science under the co-advisement of Dr. Devin Peterson and Dr. Chris Simons. Her research currently focuses on tactile and chemesthetic drivers of “body” in coffee. Research outline: Characterization of body in coffee: A tactile approach Four tactile attributes in coffee, including “chalkiness”, “mouthcoating”, “astringency”, and “thickness”, were defined by descriptive analysis panel. A high body coffee then underwent sensory-guided fractionation using preparative-scale LC/MS in order to elucidate chemical drivers of these tactile attributes. This work will help to understand how factors such as regional origin, processing, and roasting conditions may affect differences in “body”, as well as how these effects could be predicted and optimized.