Our Newest Members & Upgrades

October 2020

Stacy Thompson, MANE, Apprentice
Sponsors:  Greg Mondro

Alexander Scott, Firmenich, Certified
Sponsors:  Louise Bone, Phillip Barone, Mariano Gascon

Rebecca Mulholland, Glanbia Nutritionals, Apprentice
Sponsors:  Jody Emmel, Eardley Fernando, Michael Walsh

Camille Josse Fox, Callisons House of Flavor, Certified
Sponsors:  John Baughman, Teresa Carden, Pamela Vanover

Gregory Griffin, Brookside Flavors & Ingredients, Certified
Sponsors:  Harvey Farber

Irina Van Osdell, Givaudan, Certified
Sponsors:  David Madrid, Ron Steiner, Yuangang Zhang

Megan Scholle, Givaudan, Certified
Sponsors:  David Madrid, Ron Steiner

Honorio Lara, Mother Murphy’s Labs, Certified
Sponsors:  Suzanne Johnson

Renee Jacobsen, MANE, Apprentice
Sponsors:  Amy  Bennett, Rick Cody, David Johnson

Robert Downing, Callisons House of Flavor, Apprentice
Sponsors:  Teresa Carden, Pamela Vanover

Megan Nolan, ADM Nutrition, Certified
Sponsors:  Cathianne Leonardi, Marie Wright

Andrew Marquez, Flavor Development Corp, Certified
Sponsors:  David Straus

Katherine Southrey, IFF, Certified
Sponsors:  Karen Alexander, Dana Gasiorowski

Miguel-Angel Escareno, Foodarom, Certified
Sponsors:  unsponsored



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