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Our Newest Members & Upgrades

May 2023

Voted in at the business meeting held on May 11, 2023 in Newark, NJ.

Kyle Bloecker, Apprentice

Tastepoint by IFF

Sponsor:  Jane Sapp, David Maurer, Karen Alexander  


Jeffrey Budlove, Upgraded to Certified

H.B. Taylor

Sponsor:  Rosanne Erdal  


Nicholas Gidjunis, Apprentice

Tastepoint by IFF

Sponsor:  Paul Ricciardi, Kathleen McNamara, Fred Triolo    


Themy Paul Nguyen, Apprentice

American Fruit & Flavors

Sponsor:   Frieda Tasmin    


Kelly Purohit, Apprentice

Tastepoint by IFF

Sponsor:  Fred Triolo, David Maurer    


Stephanie Russell, Apprentice

Phoenix Flavors

Sponsor:  David, Strauss, Nancy Laskey, Alex Castro    

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