Our Newest Members & Upgrades

April 2019

Francois Laverdiere, Foodarom, Apprentice
Sponsors: Peter Miclette, Gaetane Roy, Pierre Miclette

Peter Rowell, Kerry, Certified
Sponsors: Larry Engel, Elsa Howerth

Jacqueline Finner, FONA, Certified
Sponsors: Lindsey Mahon, Menzie Clarke

Amelita Vinas, Bonny & Don Flavors, Apprentice
Sponsors: Sandra Wilson, Marion Hulbert, Patricia Portus

Melissa Barbercheck, ADM, Certified
Sponsors: Marie Wright

Amy Yap, Givaudan, Apprentice
Sponsors: Ron Steiner, Jennifer Augeli, Martin Preininger

Kathleen Brown, Mother Murphy’s, Apprentice
Sponsors: Suzanne Johnson

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