2022 – Michael Fasano

About the Recipient


Presented by Chairperson, Paul Ricciardi, on May 5, 2022 at the Annual Meeting in Newark, NJ.

Mike’s Career

  • Fritzsche Dodge & Olcott, 1974, Analytical Chemist— trained by Frank Fischetti
  • Scientific Flavors, Dolf DeRovira
  • Warner-Jenkinson Flavors, bought by Universal Food Ingredients (Sensient)
  • Food Materials, Chicago— first worked with vanilla
  • Bush Boake Allen— worked exclusively with vanilla
  • David Michael— Director of Vanilla Technology


Mike’s Involvement in the SFC

  • Midwest Program Committee Chair
  • Instrumental in starting the Cincinnati meeting
  • Membership Committee Chair
  • SFC Secretary 1996
  • SFC President 1999-2000


Mike has been involved in 6 symposiums

  • 1994– Speaker
  • 1999– President of SFC
  • 2004– Vanilla Presentation
  • 2009– Chair
  • 2014– Special Panel
  • 2019– Special Panel


On May 5, in Newark, New Jersey, the Society of Flavor Chemists (SFC) announced Mike Fasano as the 2022 Golden Blotter Award recipient. Fasano is a retired director of Vanilla Technology at Tastepoint by IFF, boasting over three decades in the flavor industry.

Fasano’s approach to creation was always collaborative while keeping the broader team top of mind. Instead of saying “what is this?” or “guess what this is?” he would ask “what does this remind you of?” when creating and evaluating flavors. 

Fasano says, “We simply don’t train someone to be a flavorist. Circus animals are trained. You teach someone to be a flavorist.  And a teacher who can’t learn, can’t teach.”

Fasano thrives within the team dynamic. He says to always give credit where it’s due, no matter how small it may seem on its own, because little things add up. Things we as flavorists do and accomplish are never fully on our own. There are always people supporting and helping, and they are a deserving part of the accolades flavorists receive.

Fasano closed his Golden Blotter Award acceptance speech with two takeaways:

  1. Keep it up.
  2. Have fun.

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