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Jerry DiGenova

1917 - 2006


Jerry DiGenova, one of the fathers of modern flavor creation, passed away on March 19, 2006.  Born on February 12, 1917, DiGenova was a pioneer in introducing science to the art of flavor creation.  His creativity was the product of balancing art and science and resulted in the breakthrough of a new class of flavors in the mid 1960s.  While working at Givaudan as the vice president of flavor laboratories, DiGenova’s flavor creations were a symphony of exquisite notes in brilliant harmony with their food application.  Upon his retirement from Givaudan in 1983, he was contacted by the industry to conduct flavor training for young flavor chemists. His trainees number over 36 professi­onals.

His many achievements won him two major awards from the Society of Flavor Chemists.  In December 1990 he was selected “Man of the Year” and in May 2003 he was honored with the Golden Blotter Award.  Jerry DiGenova will be remembered by colleagues, friends and family as a charismatic flavor chemist and a fun and loving person.