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2023 – Richard F. Heinze

About the Recipient

Richard F. Heinze 

Presented by Chairperson, Chris Williams, on May 8, 2023 at the Annual Awards Dinner in Newark, NJ.


Dick’s career & flavor industry involvement

  • Started at Monsanto in 1996
  • Joined a new venture within Monsanto – Flavors and Fragrances
  • Moved to Coca-Cola Company in 1971
  • Moved around within the flavor industry because of new opportunities and acquisitions
  • Became active in FEMA, CSA, and the SFC because he was interested in what was going on and to stay current with activities in the flavor industry
  • Volunteered for numerous committees to participate and give his input in how he thought things could be improved
  • As part of the FEMA Food Additive Committee, he worked on the Consumption Ratio Data and developed guidelines for process flavor development
  • As part of the CSA Patent Compilation and Publishing Project he worked on the compilation of sources of natural flavor materials
  • He worked for about 10 years as part of the SFC Education Committee with Frank Fischetti to help train and educate aspiring flavorists
  • In 1997, created Flavor Knowledge Systems, a software system designed to help train and educate young flavorists or assist in flavor formulations for a wide range of flavors

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