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Flavor Companies Data Collection Progress as of 11/14/23

We are working on building a family tree of the flavor industry.  This was an idea from Dolf DeRovira and Mike Bloom coming to fruition.  If you have information regarding mergers and acquisitions of flavor companies, please add dates to the spreadsheet.  You can also add new flavor companies that have been created with their dates and owners.  Here is the link to the spreadsheet.


Please email your responses directly to Dolf at dolfd@flavordynamics.com

Thank you for your support in this endeavor.

SFC History Committee



Below is the current data collection.

Company Year Started By Year Bought By
Adron 1991 Robert Ammaducci    
Aerchem, Inc.        
Affinity Flavors 1995 Wendy Fischer 2017 Bought by Tom Damiano then sold to T. Hasegawa, Inc.
Agilex     2010 Kerry
Albert Verley & Co.        
Aldrich Flavors and Fragrances        
Alex Fries and Brothers 1854 Alrex Fries, Charles Fries 1999 Degussa AG
Allen Flavors (From BBA) 1991 Ben and Stanley Allen    
Alpine Aromatics (?)        
American Flavors and Fragrances       Flavor business only to Cromton and Knowles
American Food Labs, Inc. 1916 Joseph Glaubman 1979 ITC
American Fruit Processors        
AMPC, Inc.        
A.M. Todd – see Todd (A.M.Todd)        
Armour Food Ingredients        
Aroma and Flavor Spcialties        
Aroma flavor and Fragrances 1989 Yunus Shaikh    
Aroma flavor and Fragrances -Frutarom Joint Venture 1993 Yunus Shaikh and International Frutarom    
Aroma Labs     1984 Bell Flavors and Fragrances
Aromatic Products, Inc. 1935 Michael Lemmermeyer, Edwin T. Booth and Arthur W. Mudge 1964 Stepan Chemical Co.
Aromatics International (H.T. Aromatics div. of Hartog Trading)     1975 R..J.R. Tobacco 
Bach, Inc 1798 Robert Bach 1821 Acquired a partner renamed Bach and Bradish, Inc.
Bach and Bradish 1821 Robert Bach and Partners 1840 Acquiring new parters renamed it as Dodge, Cumming and Co.
Baker Extracts 1899 T.W. Carmen 1962 McCormick
Ballantine Beer (Yeasts)     1931 Champlain Industries
Basic Food Flavors 1979 Don Staley, Kami Patel and William Robertson    
Battle Creek Flavors        
BBA Glidden     1982 Union Camp
Beck Flavors 1914 Jacob Beck as Beck Vanilla Products    
Bell Aromatics 1912 William Bell as The Wm. Bell Co.  Later Purchased by Ed Heinz Jr.    
Bell Flavors & Frgrances Ltd. 1993 Bell flavors and Fragrances for overseas market    
Bell Flavors and Fragrances International Inc. 1993 Bell flavors and Fragrances for  far east market    
Belmay Flavors and Fragrnaces        
Berghausn Corporation   flavor systems    
Biddle Sawyer Flavors        
Blue Pacific Flavors and Fragrances 1991 Donald Wilkes joined by Gerry and Eva Kraus of Kraus and Co.    
Blue Seal Extract        
Boake and Allen Flavors 1869   1966 Merged as Bush Boake and Allen acquired by IFF in 2000
Boake Flavors 1869     Combined with Boake Roberts
Boake Roberts (A. Boake Roberts) 1869      
Bonnie and Don Flavours, Inc. 1998   2020 FlavorSum
Borden Industrial Division     1991 Sold to Firmenich
Borthwicks Flavors USA        
Brand Aromatics        
Brittania Natural Products, Ltd/BCI        
Budd Aromatics   Ivon H. Budd 1935 Ungerer & Co.
Burns Philips Food Co.        
Busch Boake and Allen, Ltd. 1966 Merger of Boake, Allen and Bush 2000 IFF but Glidden was in the history?
Bush Flavors 1851 W. J. Bush 1966 Merged as Bush Boake and Allen
C&A Aromatics 1960 Added Product line to Citrus and Allied Essence Ltd.    
California Flavors     1999 Mane
Californuia Brands Flavors, Inc.   Fred Farago also associated with Mutal Flavors    
Cargill     2011  
Carlos Cramer Prod. Aromaticos, SACI        
Carmi Flavors 1980 Frank Carmi    
Carubba, Inc.        
Cavollier Freres        
Champlain Industries     1993 Red Star Bio Products
Champlain Milk Products     1925 .
Chart Coerporation        
Chef Master        
Chris Hansen Labs        
Cino Chemical Products Co. 1924 Ralph Bloom    
Citrus and Allied 1933 Charles Pisano    
CMA 1990 Joint ventura with Florasynth and Spain 1991 Florasynth takes control
Comax Manufacturing Corp. 1976 Dr. Peter Calabretta    
Commodity Services        
Concord International Group, Inc.        
Consolidated Flavors        
Consumers Flavor Extract Company 1902      
Continental Flavors        
Creative flavors        
Crompton and Knowles Corp. 1975 Crompton and Knowles Loom Works 1900 Purchase of Flavor and Fragrance business from Gentry    
Cumberland Packing        
Custom Essence        
Custom Flavors        
Cystals International        
Dairychem Laboratories        
Danisco Ingredients  – Grinsted Division 1989 Grinsted Merged with two other Companies    
David Michael   Herman Hertz and David Micael 2015 IFF
Davis Flavors     1979 ITC
Degussa       argill Flavor Systems
Diehl Flavors        
Dineses Trading Company        
Dodge & Covill 1850 Acquiring more partners renamed it as Dodge and Covill 1859 the first Olcott joined the firm and it was renamed Dodge, Colvill and Olcott.
Dodge & Olcott Co. 1861 Colvill withdrew form the firm. Dodge, Colvill & Olcott   Taken over by National Distillers
Dodge & Olcott Co. National Distillers 1952 Sold to Fritsche Brothers but remains as an independent business. 1969 Merger of Fritsche Brothers and Dodge and Olcott
Dodge, Colvill and Olcott. 1859 the first Olcott joined the firm and it was renamed Dodge, Colvill and Olcott. 1861 Colvill withdrew form the firm. Dodge, Colvill & Olcott
Dodge, Cumming & Co. 1840 from Robert Bach and Partners 1850 Acquiring more partners renamed it as Dodge and Covill
Dragoco 1919 Carl Weinhekm & August Bellmer 2003 Merged with H&R to form Symrise
Dwyer (P.R. Dwyer)     1933 Norda
Eclipse Food Products       Globe Extracts
Ecom Mfg. Corp.        
Edlong (The Edlong Corporation) 1914 Edward Long    
Elan Chemical Company 1922 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Felton 1977 Sold to Felton Officials Ira Kapp and David Weissmann
Encapsulation Systems, Inc.        
F&C (Fries and Cino)        
F&C International 1986 Some of the manufacturing of Fries and Fries and The Cino Company 1990 Bought Felton Worldwide and in 1991 Bought Feltons US Flavor Business. 1993 Sold the Tobacco business to Bell Flavors and Fragrances
F&C Tobacco Flavors     1993 Bell Flavors and Fragrnaces
F&C Wild Flavors Inc. 1993 Purchase after Chapter 11 by Rudolph Wild    
Fabrique de Laire     1985 Florasynth
Fantasy Blanke Baer        
Felton Domestic     1992 Fries and Cino
Felton International, Inc. 1922 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Felton 1992 Universal Flavors
Firmenich S.A. 1895 Phillipe Chuitt, Martin Naef.  And later in 1900 Fred Firmenich    
Flavex Naturextrake GMBH        
Flavor and Fragrance Specialties, Inc. 1983 Robert Maleeny and Steve Vanata    
Flavor Consortium, Inc. 1981 Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd, and Riken Bussan, Ltd.    
Flavor Consortium, Inc.        
Flavor Craft        
Flavor Development Corporation 1999 Joseph Staffieri    
Flavor Dynamics, Inc, 1989 Dolf DeRovira Sr.    
Flavor House        
Flavor Innovations, Inc. 1985 Dolf DeRovira Sr. & Charlene Brach 1989 Dolf Was bought out and started Flavor Dynamics.
Flavor Key     1993 Frutarom USA
Flavor Producers        
Flavor Resources 1978 Started by Biddle Sawyer Corporation    
Flavor Specialties        
Flavor Systems International Inc. 1994 from the General Flavoring and Extract Company    
Flavor Technology Corporation       Pfizer Food Science Group
Flavor Waves 1996 Mike Abrams    
Flavorchem Corporation        
Flavorex     1974 Naarden
Flavorite Laboratories        
Flavorpro   Charlene Brach formerly Scientific Flavors    
Flavors of North America 1986      
Flavtek, Inc. 1985   1985 Geneva Ingredients
Flavurence 1972 Chuck Prichard 2004 Kerry
Florasynth 1888 Run by a Family owned company officially incororated in 1916   Bayer but independent of Haarmen and Reimer
Florex     1989 Tastemaker
Florida Treatt        
Foodarom 2006 Pierre Miclette & John Murphy    
Food Ingrfedient Specialties   L.J. Minor and FIDCO joined together    
Food Materials 1926 R.C. Rooney 1990 BBA Glidden
Foote and Jenks 1884 Charles Foote and Charles Jenks    
Foremost Dairies     1985 Knudsen
Fries and Cino        
Fries and Fries 1919 George G and Robert G Fries 1970 Mallincrodt
Fries Brothers before 1914   1981 Sold to Stepan (1958), then sold to Bell Flavors and Fragrances
Fritsche Brothers   started as a partnership between Fritzsche brothers Paul, Herman and Ernest, and Schimmel & Company 1952 Merged with Doldge & Olcott Co. to form Fritsche Dodge and Olcott
Fritsche Dodge and Olcott     1990 Sold to BASF then to Hoffman La Roche part of the Givaudan group
Fruitsource Association        
Frutarom, USA, Inc.        
Ful-Flav-R Food Products, Inc.        
Gamay Flavors        
Gamma Foods     1986 ITC
Genarome International, Inc.        
General Aromatic Products 1961 Murray Hsrtstien in 1966 Ira Litman aded flavors.   Spun offf to become Stepen Flavors
General Flavoring and Extrac Company 1926 Lou Greiser 1994 Became Flavor Systems International, Inc.
General Foods        
General Spice        
Geneva Group (Flavtek, Geneva Flavorsa, Gillette)     2001 Kerry
Gentry – Flavor and Frgrance Division 1966 Magnus Maybee & Reynard 1975 Crompton and Knowles Corp.
George Luders & Company 1885 George Leuders 1968 Became Monsanto Flavor Essence Co.
Gillette Foods        
Gilroy Foods     1961 McCormick
Givaudan (L. Givaudan & Cie, S.A.) 1895 Leon and Xavier Givaudan 1924 The American company established
Givaudan Corporation 1924 The American company established from the L. Givaudan & Cie, S.A. parent 1991 Roche Holding Ltd. becoming Givaudan-Roure
Givaudan Roure 1991 Roche Holding Ltd. becoming Givaudan-Roure    
Glenham Ltd.   Owned by Felton International 1992 McCormick
Glidco Flavors        
Global Aromatics        
Globe Aroma   Phil Rosner eventually took over 1988 Mergeed with TFF (Technology Flavors and Fragrances)
Globe Extracts, Inc. 1951 David Wilkes Carl Jensen Sr. purchesd 1/3 shares 1954 1981 2/3 sold to Knudsen and in 1985 bought it back, In 1989 sold to Barnett and Foster Div Borthwicks of London
Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc.        
Golden Peanut        
Griffith Laboratories 1919      
Grinsted Products, Inc. (Danisco) 1989 Danish Group 1995 Merged with two other Companies to form Danisco Ingredients – Grinsted Division
GSB Flavors 1984 Eugene Buday 2020 Riverside Company
Haarmen and Reimer 1874 Ferdinand Tiemann & wilhelm Haarman 1954 Bayer
Haarmen and Reimer Corp. 1954 Bayer bought from Haarmen family 2003 Merged with H&R to form Symrise
Haebler Flavors     1957 IFF
Hagelin & Co., Inc. 1967 Roy W. Hagelin    
Haldin International Coporation        
Hansen (Chris Hansen, Inc.)        
Hasegawa (T, Hasegawa Co. Ltd.) 1903 Totaro Hasegawa    
Hasegawa (T. Hasegawa USA, Ltd.) 1980 Hasegawa (T, Hasegawa Co. Ltd.)    
Hega Food Prod.        
Heine and Co.     1955 Norda
Henry Broch        
Hercules Chemicals – Flavor Division   Purchased PFW Flavor Business 1991 Combined with Mallinkrodt   (Fries &
Fries), to Make Tastemaker
Hershey Foods        
Hickory Specaialties, (nc. Zesti Smoke Div.        
Home (J.B. Home)     1948 Norda
Huber (F. Huber)     1965 Norda
Huron Milling       Champlain Industries
Hurty Peck 1903 Gilbert Hurty   Universal Flavors and Fragrances
Hutchinson (D.W. Hutchinson%=& Co.)        
Hymes Aromatics and Import 1952 reorganized from Hynes Aromatics and Imports    
Hymes Brothers Company 1891     Hymes Aromatics and Import
I.C.S.A.     1985 Florasynth
IDF, Inc.        
Imperial Flavors, Inc.        
Indian Gum Industries Ltd. & Imp. Svc.        
Industrial Dishidratadora, S.S. DECV        
Industrias J. Matas S.C.A.        
Ingredient Technology Corporation     1982 Crompton and Kowles
Innova Flavors 1999   2021 Synergy Flavors
Integrated Ingredients        
International Flavors and Fragrances 1958 Van Ameringen and Hagler and Polak and Scwarz Incorporated 1959    
International Frutarom Corp. 1933 Ex PFW Employees currently Electrochemica Industries (Frutarom) Ltd (60%) and ICC Industries (40%)    
ITC (Ingredient Technology Corporation) 1869 1869 American Molasses Co.of NY,  1939 American Molasses Company  1961 Sucrest Corporation , 1977 ITC  1982 Flavor Divition sold to Crompotn and Knowles (Gamma Foods, Neuman Buslee and Wolfe, American Food Labs and Davis Flavors
J. Manheimer – See Manheimer        
James Ddalton Limited     1993 Sold To Firmenich
Janousek Flavors, IT 1883   2018 Synergy Flavors
Jay Flavors       Robertet
JC Labs 1954 Carl Jensen Sr. split from Globe Extracts   Sold Scientific Flavors To National Starch and Chemical (Lemon Crystals) and The tea product line to Robertet
Jogue Inc.        
Joseph Adams        
Kalsev, Inc.        
Kato Worldwide Ltd.        
Kay Fries Chemicals 1930 obtained the right to use the Fries name, by buying F&F from a receiver    
Kerr Fruit Products     1960’s IFF
Kerry Ingredients 1972 North Kerry Milk Products    
Key Essentials     2007 Agilex Flavors and Fragrances
Kikkoman International US/Senba, USA        
Knox Ingredients Technology ca 1976 Charles Manley as a subsidiary of Lipton Tea. ca 1979 National Starch and Chemical acquired assets as a sister company of Litopn all owned by Unilever
Knudson     1987 Donald Wilkes,David Wilkes, and Phil Rosner. A year later Don and David bought Phil Rosner’s shares.  He took over leadership of Globe Aroma
Kohnstamm (H. Kohnstamm) 1851   1988 Universal Flavors
Kraft Flavor Tech. Group        
Kraus and Company   Gerry and Eva Kraus 1993  
Lautier Aromatiques SA 1795   1981 Florasynth
Lautier Fils. Inc. 1920 Camille Bourguet 1974 Rhodia Inc.
Leo Bernard and Co. 1860 Leo Bernard 1895 The French and American Trading Co.
Lueders       Monsanto
Libenn Aroma, Inc,        
Lieberg Beef Extracts 1882      
Lionel Hitchen        
Lyons     1972 Florasynth
Madis Botanicals   Dr. Madis    
MAFCO  Worldwide Corp. (McAndrews and Forbes)        
Maggi 1882 Julius Maggi    
Magnus and Lauer 1898 Percr C. Magnus and Monroe W. Lauer 1907 merged with National Essential Oils Distilling Company to form Magnus Mabee and Reynard, Inc.
Magnus Mabee and Reynard, Inc. 1907 Magnus and Lauer merged with National Essential Oils Distilling Company to form Magnus Mabee and Reynard, Inc. 1966 Flavor and Fragrance division of Gentry Intl. Flavor
Mallincrodt (Avon) 1970 Bought Fries and Fries   Mallinkrodt Specialty Chemicals in IMCERA still operating as Fries and Fries
Mane, USA 1926      
Manheimer (J. Manheimer, Inc.)   Stephen Manheimer 2004 Kerry
Marshalls Flavor House        
Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.        
Master Taste     2001 Kerry
Maume Flaovrs and Fragrances   Paul Bedoukian division of Sherman Williams 1978 Bell Flavors and Fragrances
McCormick – Wild Flavors        
McCormick & Co. Inc. Flavor Division 1889 Wiloughby McCormick    
McIlhenny Co./Tobasco Brands        
McKenzie Brothers & Hill 1895 Percy C. Magnus Sr.  1908 Combined with Monroe W. Lauer to form Magnus and Lauer
MCP (Mutual Citrus Products)     1991 Durarome sold to Firmenich
Meer Corporation     1993 Frutarom USA
Melchers (C. Melchers GmbH & Co.)     2002 Sensient
Melchers Flavors of America 1993 Michael Abrams and Wolfgang Boehmer as a subsidiary of Melchers Germany    
Metarom     2002 Kerry
Miles Laboratories        
Miller (e.A. Miller Inc.)        
Milne Fruit Products, Inc.        
Miltitz Duft und Aroma   From Schimmel and Co. 1993 Bell Flavors and Frgances International
Minn-Dak Growers, Ltd.        
Mission Flavors and Fragrances        
Mitsui & Co., USA, Inc.        
Morana, Inc. 1909 Carl Schaetzer, Warren E. Burns, and Willard A. Walsh 1925 William T. Haebler Joined them 1929 van Ameringen and Haebler
Monsanto Flavor Essence, Inv.     1978 BBA Glidden
Moore     2007 A.M. Todd
Mother Murphy’s Labs, Inc. early 1920’s Dr. Richard Stelling and Kermit Murphy started in their garage 1947 Stock sold as Southern Laboratories.  1954 Mother Murphy’s Laboratories becase its legal name.
Mutual Flavors   Fred Farago also associated with California Brand Flavors    
Narva     1972 Florasynth
National Flavors 1941 Jack & John Polzin 2020 Riverside Flavors
National Starch and Chemical (Scientific Flavors Subsidiary) ca 1976 purchased from Vince Coletta and Chris Binaris ca 1987 Quest
Natural Flavors        
Nestle see Food Ingredient Specialties        
Neuman Buslee and Wolfe     1979 ITC
New York Flavors        
Newport Flavors 1929 acquired Rhodia Chemical Co.   Rhodia Inc. Aromatics Division of DuPont
Newton Foods USA Inc.        
Nichimen America Inc.        
Nikken Foods Co.        
Norda (Formerly Norda Essential Oil & Chemical Company 1924 Herman Kohl 1984 Quest – Unilever Bought some of the assets of Norda and sold some to Adron
Norex Flavours & Fragrances, LLC.   John Gick    
Northville Laboratories        
Novotate Inc., Canada 2008   2023 OC Flavour California
Nutrition Prod. Co. (a Brown Froeman Co.)        
O.S.F. Corporation 1980 Edwardo de Botag    
Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.        
Ogawa Koryo Ogawa & Co., Ltd. 1893      
Orbis     1948 Norda
Oscar Mayer Ingredients        
Ottens as far as 1884 Henry Ottens early 1950’s George Robinson took over company
Oxford Ingredients     1995 Revertex Chemicals, Ltd.
Pacific Foods, Inc.        
Palmer Laboratories 1957 Ed Palmer 1984 Flavor and Fragrance Specialties
Parman Kendall Corp.        
Penick (S.B. Penick) 1914     Swiss Colony
Pepsi Cola        
Perfumery Assocaites       Noville
Perlarome 1973 Jacques Engles and Son    
Pfizer Food Science Group 1994 Purchased Flavor Technology under its Food Science Group 1996 Cultor
PFW Plant only   Tatemaker 1994 Bell Flavors and Fragrances
Philip Morris        
Phoenix Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. 2017 Jean Paul Benviste    
PMC Specialties Group        
Polak and Schwarts 1889 Polak Family 1957 IFF
Polak Frutal Works 1914 Jacob and Henri Polak due to Family disputes withdrew from Polak and Schwartz 1973 Hercules Chemical, Inc.
PPF 1977 Birmingham Chemicals and Bertrand Freres and PPL     
PPF Norda        
Proctor and Gamble Company        
Progressive Flavors and Fragrances        
Proprietary Perfumes and Flavours        
Protex Products     1938 Champlain Industries
Pyrazine Specialties        
Quest International Flavor and Food Ingredients Company 1987 div of Unilever Merger of Norda and Naarden    
R&R Chemical Company 1919 Eli and Robert Rosenbaum and Walter Rosskam   became David Michael & Co. Inc
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.        
Red Arrow Products Co., Inc.     2015 Kerry
Red Star Bio Products, div, of Universal Foods 1993 Universal foods acquired Champlain Industries    
Redd Citrus Products (Labs)     1976 Tastemaker
Rhodia Chemical Co. 1915 Established by the Societe des Usine du Rhone 1929 Newport Industries
Rhodia Inc. 1930 Newport industriew sold to DuPont    
Ritter International CA.   Alexander Katz 1985 Bell Flavor and Fragrances
Riverside Company     2021 FlavorSum
Robertet Flavors Inc. 1850      
Roubechez     1979 Bell Flavor and Fragrances
Roure Bertrand Fils 1820 Claude Roure 1963 Integrated into Hoffman La Roche
Sanofi Bioindustries     1985 Became SBI System Bio-Industries
SBI Systems Bio-Industries, Inc.   from Sanofi Bio-Industries    
S.B. Penick – See Penick (S.B. Penick)        
Scan American Seafood Co. Inc.        
Schilling Co., Inc.     1947 McCormick
Schimmel and Co.     1961 Norda
Schimmel& Co. 1829 Herman Fritsche rename? Miltitz Duft and Aroma
Scientific Flavors ca. 1976 Chris Binaris and Vince Coletta bought the Lemon Crystal Line from J.C. Labs. ca 1978 National Starch and Chemical
Sealfa, Inc.        
Seeley and Co. 1968   1972 H. and M. Kohnstamm
Seeley Co. (Conflict of Information)     1966 BBA Glidden
Sethness Greenleaf Inc. 1967 Barry McCraith 2011 Synergy Flavors
Shade Foods        
Shanghai Cosfra Ltd. 1981 Joint venture Chinese Govt and Florasynth    
Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd 1808      
SKW Chemicals, Inc.        
Soutwest Research Insitute        
Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp.        
St. Louis Flavors     2002 Kerry
Staffoed Allen     1966 Merged as Bush Boake and Allen
Stange 1903 William Jan Stange 1981 McCormick
Stepen Flavors (division of Stepen Chemicals) 1958 Fred Triest (Formerly Fries and Brothers) To Stepen Chemicals and became Stepen Flavors 1981 Bell Flavor and Fragrances
Stewart Brothers (Canada)     1968 Givaudan
Strobel (A.A. Strobel)     1932 Norda
Summitt Flavors        
Sun Pure Ltd.        
Sunkist Growers Inc.        
Super Extractos S.L.        
Superior Quality Foods        
Swank (J.M. Swank Co.)        
Synergy Flavors 2002 Carbery Group x x
Synfleur (division of Nestles) 1975 Nestles Acquisition 1983 Bell Flavors and Fragrances
Synfleur laboratories 1889 Alois von Isakovics 1975 Nestles
Systems Bio-Industries, Inc. (SBI)        
T. Hasegawa – See Hasegawa        
Takasago Int’l Corp USA 1920 K. Kainosyo    
Target Flavors, Inc.        
Tastemaker 1991 Hercules’ PFW and Citrus Specialties, and the Imcera/Mallinkrodt flavor group Fries & Fries, Inc    
Taylor (H.B. Taylor Co.)        
Technology Fflavors and Fragrances, Inc. 1989 Phil Rosner    
TFF (Technology Flavors and Fragrances)        
The French and American Trading Company 1895 Joseph Bernard, Jake Manheimer, Isaac Manheimer 1904 Changed the name to J. Maheimer Incorporateed in 1970
Tobacco Technology        
Todd (A.M. Todd) 1869 Albert Todd 2011 Wild Flavors
Treatt (R.C. Treatt & Co.) 1886 Richard Court-Treatt 1990 became Florida Treatt
Trubek     1963 Universal Oil Products (UOP)
Ungerer & Co. 1895 W.P. Ungerer along with William G and Fred 1901 Incorporated as Ungerer and Co.
Ungerer Brothers 1865 William P. Ungerer and Henry Ungerer    
Union Flavors        
Universal Flavors and Frgrances 1882 As Meadowsprings Distillation then in 1919 Red Star Yeast Company    
US Flavors and Fragrances 1985   2002 Synergy Flavors
van Ameringen Haebler Flavors 1917 1929 V&H came out of ahses of Morana Inc. 1957 Merged Van Ameringen and Haebler and Polak and Schwatrz renamed IFF
Van Dyck     1929 Norda
Van Lab 1911   2006 Synergy Flavors
Vegetable Juices, Inc.        
Vie-Del Co.        
Virginia Dare 1923 Dr. Bernard Smith    
Warner Jenkinson        
Warner Lambert Co.        
Webb (R.D. Webb)     1961 Norda
Weber (E. A. Weber & Co.) 1902 Edgar A. Weber    
Western Flavors and Fragrances 1985   2007 Agilex Flavors and Fragrances
Whittle and Mulch 1892   2021 Riverside Company
Wild Flavors 1900 Rudolf Wild    
Wixon Fontarrome         
Wynn Starr Flavors, Inc. 1988   2013 Kerry
Zapata Protein, USA, Inc.        
Zimmermann – Hobbs Ltd.     1988 Polak Frutal Works