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Othmer Reading Room

The Othmer Library Reading Room.


The library collection is available to SFC members and researchers by appointment at  The Science History Institute in Philadelphia, PA.  Partnering with the Science History Institute both protects these rare volumes and artifacts and allows access for academic and personal research.


Our mission is to engage exclusively in scientific, educational, and technological information activities by collecting books, publications and artifacts related to flavors, flavoring ingredients, and the flavor industry.  The library collection is available to SFC members and researchers.

Our goal is to create and maintain a leading global source of information on these subjects.



The collection is housed at the Science History Institute in Philadelphia PA.

Othmer Library Contact Information

Located in Philadelphia, the library is open to researchers by appointment. Search the catalog below and schedule a visit.

Search Midon, the Othmer Library Catalog


Do you have items, artifacts or books you’d like to donate to the collection?  We would like to ensure the preservation of significant items, it’s very important to remember and preserve our own history.  Please contact the Library Committee with information.

Contact Library Committee

Chair:  Aaron Graham
E-mail:  Library Committee