Donate To The Library

In 1999, Mr. Earl Merwin, a charter member of The Society of Flavor Chemists, donated his private collection of flavor reference materials.

This single, generous donation formed the foundation for establishing The Society of Flavor Chemists’ Library. Since that first donation the Society has been fortunate in receiving numerous financial donations and donations of additional books and other reference materials.

This enabled us to buy bookcases, and the Library has grown to some 1,600 entries.

How to donate

  • If you would like to make a financial donation to the Library, please send your check in name of The Society of Flavor Chemists with the notation “Library”.
  • Downsizing your professional library?  Consider donating them to the Othmer Library of Chemical History at the Science History Institute.  Research potential is the key factor when acquiring items to grow collections. Acquisitions fall into several broad collecting areas within the history of chemistry, chemical engineering, and the life sciences.  If you would like to donate items to the Othmer Library, please contact us at We ask that you have an itemized list prepared. The final decision to accept donated materials is made in accordance with our collections policy. 
  • You may also contact the library committee with further questions.

We are a leading library on the subject of flavors, flavor ingredients and the flavor industry. Your donation will enhance this important position and will ensure that the library of the Society of Flavor Chemists will remain a valuable source of flavor information for generations to come. Please note that The Society of Flavor Chemists is listed by the IRS Code as a 501 ( c ) (3) organization and that donations may be tax deductible.